Rubble Removal Helpful Tips

Rubble Removal Tips

Please ensure you properly read through all our Rubble Removal Helpful Tips. These tips are designed to save you time, money and frustration. These tips are from previouse experiences that we have found cause unecissary problems and make your experience with us unpleasant. At CK Rubble we are all about helping our clients save money and providing our clients wth the best possible experience ever. If you do have a complaint and would like to take it up with us, please do by ssending an email to, we do llisten and we do resolve problems within our power. So whenever you are booking a 1.2 Ton Bakkie. 4 Ton Truck. 8 Ton Truck or 14 Ton Truck please read our Rubble Removal Helpfull Tips that are updated regulary.

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  • Tip # 1: Getting Rubble Ready and Avoiding R300 Extra Costs

Get all the items you plan on getting rid of to one spot, preferrably nearest to where the truck can load. If the rubble is further than 10m from where the truck can load an additional R300 will be applied for the use of wheelbarrows. This money is extra money that the loaders recieve because not only will it take longer to load the rubble it also becomes a hard job for the loaders.

  • Tip #2: Sending Us Pictures

Pro Tip when sending us pictures of the rubble, please don’t take close ups of the rubble or distant pictures either. Try to get a friend, staff member or family member to stand next to or close to the rubble. This will help provide us with scale so that we can gestimate the amount of loads that there is.

  • TIP #3 Living In A Complex

If you live in a complex please ensure you do three things before you book a removal and that is to firstly find out from the body corporate the weight restriction for vehicles. Secondly the times we are allowed at the complex. Thirdly do our staff members need to carry their personal identification or ID’s. Doing this will save you allot of frustration and money because we will need to charge you for our diesel should we get turned away because of the above not be mentioned during the booking.

  • DID YOU KNOW: Sand expands when removing it from a compact space

When sand is doug out from the ground or the compacted space it’s in it expands and almost doubles in size. So when you estimate the amount of sand there is to be removed from a compact space DOUBLE IT always to get a true gestimate on the loads. You cannot take 2m x2m x2m compacted sand thats in the ground and expect it to be 1 8 ton load when in actuality it will end up being 2 to 3 8 ton loads.

  • Tip #4: Removing Rubble Not On Ground Level

This applies to people who live in flats or building. There are three things you need to find out before you book a removal with us. Also note that there are additional costs to this kind of removal. the first thing yo need to find out is what are the weibght restrictions for removal. Secondly you need to find out what the process is to have rubble removed from your unit. For example you need to know are we allowed to use lifts or only stairs. What the weight restriction is on the lift and how ewe are allowed to remove the rubble is it by bags or wheelbarrows ect. Thirdly you will need to find out the best time for us to have the rubble removed. Please note that the additional costs are as follows we charge R300 extra per staff member per floor. For example if you live on the second floor and are using 2 of our staff members thge ciost would be as follows R300 x2 for the two staff members then R300 x2 for the amount of floors this would equal to a total of R1200 extra per load so if you order a 4 ton truck the total cost would now be R2150 per load excluding VAT. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: That we will not be liable for any damages caused by the removal of the rubble and you are required to sign a disclaimer waving us from such liabilities.

  • Tip #5: Booking Time and Time in General

Online booking are given priority over telephonic bookings. However time is not always on our side. Tha’s why we can’t give you a time but what we do in this case is get our driver to call you before they arrive giving you roughly a 30 minute window. The reason why we cannot guarantee and will not guarantee a time is factors like traffic. The dumping site delays. Job carry overs and other factors that do affect our times. We suggest to take a days leave or to dedicate the entire day for us. The driver WILL CALL YOU when they are on their way. If you are booked for a day we can guarantee you WE WILL BE THERE on the day.

  • Tip #6: Vehicle Loading Restrictions

Please take note of thesse vehicle restrictions in order to avoid frustration. On our bakkies we are not allowed to load past the roof of the bakkie or have any rubble hang outside of the bakkie. On our 4 ton and 8 ton flatbed trucks we are not allowed to load past the side panels of the truck. On our 8 ton tipper trucks we are not allowed to load past the bucket of the truck. The reason for this is not only is it illegal and we can get a fined for it. It’s also dangerous for other motorists.

  • Tip #7: No Discounts At All

We cannot provide any discounts at all under any circumstances except in circumstances where we are loading 10+ loads or in cases where special arrangements have been made with management prior to collection. So please don’t book a bakkie and it ends up being half the size of the bakkie and asking for discount. The profit margins are very low in rubble and the rates we provide have already been discounted.

  • DID YOU KNOW: Certain Waste Items Can Earn You Money

DISCLAIMER: We do not provide these services nor do we pay for any waste items! DID YOU KNOW: Items that have metal or metal items can be sold for cash. Building materials that are still complete like bricks, window frames ect can be turned into cash which thn can be used to get rid of the other waste items that have no value. You can speak to us about recommended salvage yards that will buy certain items from you.

  • Tip #8: What Does Our Price Include and Exclude

All our standard prices include the labour for loading the rubble as well as the dumping fees to dispose of the rubble. The price does not include any additional labour. Collection past 10 meters. Any extra tasks that you may ask our guys to do apart from loading the rubble for example turning a graden bed. We do provide those services and more but at additional costs.

  • Tip #10: Put Garden Leaves and Waste Into Bags

Please ensure all your garden waste likes loose leaves are pilled garden waste into strong bags. This will save you allot of frustration and time. If you would like us to do that for you its at an additional cost of R400 per 50 green garden bags.

  • Tip #11: Payment Terms

You can do payment before we arrive on site. But all payments must be made either to the driver in cash or by EFT to our bank account BEFORE the friver leaves the site. Unless special arrangements have been made during booking or prior to the truck leaving site. The driver will not leave until payment has been made.