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CK Rubble and Tree Felling first started in 2011 as a small company that got leads for waste management. Then we would supply service providers with jobs. Acting as a middleman between them, the customer, and the service provider. Doing business this way ensured that the customer would first receive service. Second, they got the high-quality service they deserved. We would earn a commission based on the value of the job.

Late in 2017, we bought our first vehicle, which was a bakkie. In early 2018, we registered CK Rubble and Tree Felling as a business. In late 2018, we acquired our first 4 ton trucks. Hiring members of disadvantaged communities like Eldorado Park. To assist with the work In 2019, we became a VAT-registered business. Then COVID struck.

I’m sure every company has their own story to tell about post-COVID and the aftermath left by COVID. As well as the poor, failing economy. Needless to say, we have had to go back to our roots, but we are still here to this day, 11 years later. rebuilding our business in the hope that we can one day hire members of communities. To assist us with our bigger vision. Which is to become The leading waste management company in South Africa. Collecting and disposing of waste in an efficient and effective manner.

We have documented waste disposal methods that are both safe and efficient. But, more importantly, in such a way that the waste produced is reusable, leaving no waste behind. So use us; join us on our journey as we rebuild our business to become South Africa’s leader in waste management. Doing our part to make South Africa a cleaner and better country to live in.

Why Choose CK Rubble Removals & Tree Felling

Four Reasons Why Customers Choose CK Rubble Removals & Tree Felling

Registered Company

Ck Rubble Removal and Tree Felling Pty Ltd is a registered company and a VAT trading vendor.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured with OutSurance for commercial liability cover and workers compensation.

Same Day Service

99.9% of the time we are able to provide our customers with sameday service.

Free Quotation

We provide all our clients with a hassle free, free no obligation quote by picture or site visit.